Hi, My name is Adam Bagshaw.  After 15 years working as a Lecturer in vehicle technology, I decided to use my skills, knowledge, and training to teach people to drive safely and to a very high standard.


I started my working life as an apprentice with Mercedes trucks, successfully completing my degree level qualification in heavy vehicle mechanics and passing my HGV class one license.  I continued to work for Mercedes trucks for many years, progressing to workshop manager.


My next move was to Tresham College as a trainee lecturer.  In my time at the College, I have completed a degree in teaching and many other related qualifications.  I have always kept up to date with modern teaching techniques, using them effectively within my sessions.  I have consistently been graded good to outstanding by the college and Ofsted.  I have taught many different types of learner, tailoring my sessions according to their individual needs and characteristics.


I have now completed the necessary training to become a qualified driving instructor.  Although there is no requirement to continue to develop myself further in this area, I feel it is important to do so.  With keeping up to date with my continuing professional development I can consistently offer high standards of individualised training in every driving session.


After my first year as an instructor, I was invited to a teaching standards check test by the DSA.  The test lasts an hour and my ability as an instructor is assessed.  After completing the test I was given a grade based on the marks I had achieved (46 out of 51) this gave me a grade A, the highest grade an instructor can achieve. 


I'm currently also working for the National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme, delivering speed awareness, smart motorway and safe driving courses.


As an instructor, I feel it is important to give each individual learner the highest quality teaching and learning possible.